Longtime GOP voters flee Trump: 'I’m willing to pay more taxes just to be away from him'
President Donald Trump addressed the nation following the Florida school shooting. (AFP / Mandel NGAN)

The New York Times has conducted a series of interviews with traditionally conservative voters who now say they're willing to support former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 election, even if it means their taxes will go up.

In the interviews, many of these voters said they've simply had enough of President Donald Trump.

"Just the lying, just the craziness, the bullying -- I’d rather pay more money than be with him for another four years," said 56-year-old Arizona resident Lorena Burns, who couldn't bring herself to vote for either Trump or Hillary Clinton in 2016, but who will now support Biden. "I’m willing to pay more money in taxes just to be away from him. He’s corrupting the country."

Longtime New Hampshire Republican Peter Spaulding, meanwhile, tells the Times that he will most likely support Biden even though he backed Libertarian Gary Johnson four years ago.

While he would normally feel reservations about backing a Democrat, Spaulding said that was not the case "when the stakes are as high as they are this year."

And 85-year-old Barbara Hill tells the Times that she will be backing Biden after she "wasted" her vote in 2016 by backing a third-party candidate.

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