New attack featuring Trump's sexual comments about his daughters spurs #CreepyTrump hashtag trend
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump awkwardly hugs daughter Ivanka at the RNC (Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's comments about women have been bad enough, but when it comes to his comments about his own daughters, it gets even worse.

Trump was already thinking about whether his second daughter, Tiffany, would have breasts like her mother. In appearances on "The View" and "The Wendy Williams Show," Trump talked about how he wishes he could date his first daughter Ivanka and that "sex" is something they have in common.

The bizarre statements add to the strange videos of Trump watching young women dance with his friend Jeffrey Epstein. Ultimately, Epstein was arrested after years of sex with underage children.

In niece Mary Trump's new book, she describes a moment at Mar-a-Lago when her uncle ogled her.

"I was at Mar-a-Lago. It was an informal dinner. I was in my bathing suit. Uncle Donald came over to me and said, 'Mary is that you? Wow, you're stacked,'" Mary Trump recalled.

The ad, which was done by spurred a conversation about the president's "creep factor" with the hashtag #CreepyTrump becoming No 1 in the United States on Twitter.

Here's the ad:

You can see the comments from Twitter below: