Ohio voter bursts into laughter when asked if Trump can 'get us out of this pandemic crisis'
Joshua Brest _ MSNBC screenshot

In a look at Rust Belt voter attitudes about Donald Trump's drive for re-election, one Ohio voter said the president seems capable when it comes to financial matters but couldn't stop laughing when asked how the president is handling the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, MSNBC's Cori Coffin was asked about voters she had spoken to and how they planned to vote in November, with more than a few who voted for Trump in 2016 saying they were undecided this year.

Coffin then shared an interview with a voter from Ohio, whose political affiliation was not given, who couldn't keep a straight face when talking about the president's efforts dealing with the coronavirus health crisis.

"Would you trust Trump to be able to get us out of this pandemic crisis and then the ensuing economic crisis?" the man, identified as Joshua Brest was asked.

"No, that's an absolute no," he replied as he laughed at the question. "He was always good at finance, but once the Covid hit, it's all over. He doesn't know how to react, in my opinion, to a pandemic."

"'Oh just the sniffles,'" he added mocking the president's early comments about the COVID-19 virus. "You know, I mean, yeah, he's more financial than people dying."

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