Pediatrician shames 'irresponsible' GOP governor who said school kids will 'get over' having COVID-19
State of Missouri picture of Gov. Mike Parson.

A pediatrician on Monday heaped shame upon Trump-loving Missouri Gov. Mike Parson after he said that kids who contracted COVID-19 after being sent back to school would "get over it."

Appearing on CNN, Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez said it would be foolish to downplay the potential risks of COVID-19 spreading through schools, even as she acknowledged that it poses less of a threat to children than to adults.

"We know that kids are not as likely to be symptomatic, they're not as likely to get hospitalized," she said. "The rate currently is about 3 percent, and the rate of dying for children with coronavirus is less than 1 percent. But as the number of kids who get COVID-19 goes up... the number of children who die from COVID-19 goes up, even if as a whole it's a small percentage."

She then shamed Parson for not being honest about the risk children face from the disease.

"I'd like to say to the governor, it is frankly misleading, it is also irresponsible and it is not fair," she said. "Children deserve better than this. We need to be planning, and every child is a child too many who has to be hospitalized or dies with this virus."

Watch the video below.