Physician can't figure out why Trump is being 'triggered' by the idea of schools opening windows to avoid COVID in class

It was announced Wednesday that the White House would prefer schools don't consult the Center for Disease Control when deciding when and how to reopen.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace asked Dr. Vin Gupta how schools could possibly open safely, gather indoors, or even eat together in the cafeteria.

"The short answer is 'no,'" said Dr. Gupta. "I do not recommend that at all. I love what Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ) and Bill de Blasio have said. They've said, indoor dining, we're done with it. Outdoor dining is okay because indoor transmission is 20 times higher in certain cases if you're dining close by -- because we think that that's maybe there's 'airborne transmission.' I hate that term, it's confusing, but small droplets potentially from somebody infected with COVID-19 might persist in the air for hours over long distances."

He explained that's why the school policies by the CDC make sense.

"Ventilation," he explained. "It makes no sense why opening windows is such a trigger word or trigger phrase for the president. We need ventilation. That's why indoor anything, we can't have it right now—outdoor congregations, less than 10 with social distancing and masks, potentially. But indoor dining, definitely not. We need governors across the country to take a strong stance."

While it might work for older children to wear masks and follow careful guidelines, it's unclear how schools will be able to get younger children to keep their masks on during the full day at school. Currently, even adults don't want to wear masks.

Trump threatened schools that if they didn't reopen he wouldn't give them any funding.

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