'Psychotic' California restaurant hammered for refusing to serve customers wearing masks
Couple at a restaurant (Shuttserstock, Nicoleta Ionescu)

A California restaurant could face government action for refusing to serve customers who are wearing a mask.

The Apple Bistro in Placerville has been turning away customers who are following the statewide mandate for face coverings to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and the policy is sparking outrage on social media, reported KABC-TV.

"I'll never return again!" posted Anahid G., of San Jose, on Yelp. "Any place that is refusing to serve people wearing a mask deserves to be shut down. What kind of freaking idiots don't understand what a pandemic is? I've had 9 people I know die from this virus, and I find it an insult to their memory - and everyone else who has died or gotten sick."

The restaurant posted a sign stating its policy at the front door: "No social conditioning. No oxygen deprivation mask. No latex dirty germ spreader."

"The management here must be effing psychotic," posted Michelle R. of Emeryville. "I sure as heck wouldn't eat here. If the chef and staff aren't wearing masks, then they likely have covid germs floating around. Science is real. Wear a mask."

Officials in El Dorado County said restaurants that refuse to follow Gov. Gavin Newsom's mask order would get warnings during visits by health inspectors, and they could face the suspension of their licenses to serve food.