Rev. Al Sharpton calls BS on Trump's claim he 'took a mental acuity test': 'I have a bridge he can buy'
President Donald Trump speaking at the annual NRA convention in 2019. (Screenshot/YouTube)

President Donald Trump's campaign has desperately tried to brand former Vice Presiden Joe Biden as mentally ill or senile, but it hasn't worked because of Trump's mental problems. After Trump announced that people should drink disinfectant and put UV lights in their orifices, the president then had problems drinking a glass of water and walking down a ramp at West Point. It has prompted many questions about his stability.

Trump swore that he took a cognitive test often given to detect early signs of dementia, but MSNBC's Rev. Al Sharpton didn't believe it.

"You know, what is concerning to me, being that he's the head of state, is that you have a man that calls himself a stable genius," said Rev. Sharpton. "Now he announces that he took this test about his cognitive skills, and he took it after the left-wing said things about him stumbling and whether he was all there."

"First, we need to even find out, did he go to Walter Reed hospital since then, because he said he took it at Walter Reed," Rev. Sharpton continued. "I mean, you're beginning to wonder if he's really losing it because if he did go to Walter Reed, did he have this test with the same kind of doctor that gave us his health records when he first went in that we found out this doctor may not have been all there? I mean, now you have a guy who, in reaction to the left-wing, goes and takes a test on his own mental state, yet we can't get him to take -- pick up the phone and deal with things like safety in schools around COVID and the George Floyd Act and all. But because the left-wing who he ignores on everything else said about him stumbling, he went to Walter Reed and took a test, and we're supposed to believe that? Just like I have a bridge he can buy that stretches from Manhattan to Brooklyn..."

Host Nicolle Wallace wondered why the Trump team is even trying to fight on this issue, but the reality is nothing they've been attempting to use against Biden so far has worked.

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