'Stupid, wrong, lazy': Ivanka's newest jobs initiative torn to pieces in NPR business journalist's brutal critique
Ivanka Trump appears on CBS (screen grab)

Adam Davidson, the business journalist who co-founded NPR's "Planet Money" program, has written a scathing critique of first daughter Ivanka Trump's "Find Something New" initiative aimed at encouraging jobless Americans to find new careers.

"Ivanka Trump's jobs plan is not only stupid and wrong, it’s lazy," he begins. "Find Something New' embodies every wrong and dumb idea about how jobs work."

Davidson then recounts Ivanka's own career working as part of her father's business empire that has seen her carry out several ethically and legally questionable operations.

"Her first big real estate job was with a money-launderer," he writes. "Another major project she oversaw involved a likely money-laundering scheme for Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. She also ran a jewelry business with a fraudster. She barely avoided getting arrested for a different real estate scheme in New York. And there are many, many, many other sketchy deals she’s participated in over the years."

He goes on to roast Ivanka for putting together a shockingly shoddy career advice program.

"Announced with much fanfare, the jobs program amounts to a website with links," he writes. "Seriously. That’s all it is. There are links to one of those handouts high school guidance counselors give you, asking if you want to work outdoors or in an office, or if you like ideas or working under pressure."

After this, Davidson breaks down how the ideas advanced by the initiative get almost everything wrong about what it takes to find a job, particularly its emphasis on simply getting a college education.

"But for the majority of out-of-work individuals without a college degree, the idea that going to school will solve their problems is wrong," he writes. "More of them will be deeper in debt and have more years without earnings, without improved career prospects."

Read the entire takedown here.