Stylist fired for refusing to cut Black girl’s hair: ‘She made fun of the color of my skin’
Amialyn Matthews and her brother (WBZ)

A Massachusetts stylist was fired after insulting a Black family who had scheduled haircuts.

Damalyn Ellslager-Matthews brought her three children -- ages 7, 5 and 2 -- into Supercuts in Westboro last week, along with her 21-year-old niece, but a stylist balked at cutting their hair, reported WBZ-TV.

“Now this lady told [the niece, who is white], ‘You should have told us you were Black when you made the appointment,’” Damalyn said. “[My daughter] is so naive she says, ‘Well, I’m not Black, my skin’s brown -- can you trim my hair anyways?’”

Matthews said the incident forced her into an uncomfortable discussion on race with her daughter Amialyn, who was embarrassed by the stylist's comments.

“She made fun of my color of my skin and I hate when people do that,” Amialyn said.

Matthews posted about the incident on Facebook over the weekend, and the franchise owner apologized and fired the employee.

“Racism, ignorance, and prejudice are not tolerated or allowed in our company,” wrote the Supercuts franchise owner.

The family appreciates the franchise owner's actions, but said they wouldn't be going back to Supercuts.

“Sometimes there are mean people in this world and they say hurtful things, you understand, that may be because of something they are going through, it’s not anything that you did,” said Amialyn’s father, Muhammad Matthews. “I was hoping to keep them innocent for a little while longer, because they’re still small."