Suspected Uber driver arrested for allegedly pointing gun at anti-Confederate protesters
White man accused of pointing gun at Black Lives Matter activists in South Carolina (Twitter/screen grab)

A South Carolina man is facing charges after being accused of pointing a firearm at people demonstrating for the removal of Confederate-era symbols.

According to WIS, the incident occurred on Friday as demonstrators were marking the five year anniversary of the Confederate flag being removed from South Carolina's State House grounds in Columbia.

Protesters said that the man stopped his vehicle and argued with them. Before driving away, the man was said to have brandished a gun.

In video of the incident, protesters can be heard calling police to the scene.

On Saturday, 64-year-old Walter Peter Matulis was reportedly arrested on charges of pointing a firearm at a person.

Unconfirmed reports suggested that Matulis is a driver for Uber.

Watch video of the incident below.