'The lifetime of lies and hideous behavior is finally catching up': Trump ghostwriter Tony Schwartz
Donald Trump and Tony Schwartz (Photos: Screen captures)

Art of the Deal ghostwriter/co-author Tony Schwartz isn't surprised by the facts included in the book about President Donald Trump by his niece. In fact, it only confirms what Schwartz said he discovered about Trump since they met.

While Schwartz said that he met Fred Trump Sr. in the late stages of Alzheimer's, he said that he learned about the elder Trump from his son, who "often acknowledged to me that [Fred Trump] was rough and tough and abusive and difficult. He wouldn't have used the word abusive because he wouldn't have been comfortable saying that, but it was the impression that I certainly took away."

Schwartz said that he wasn't surprised, because the president's grandfather was also a questionable man.

MSNBC's Joy Reid, who spoke with Schwartz Tuesday, asked how Trump could trick people into thinking he was such a good businessman when he had six bankruptcies for five different companies in his business career.

"It's back to psychopathy or sociopathy," said Schwartz. "They are essentially the same diagnosis. And a sociopath has no conscience and has no empathy. That's Trump. And as a consequence, he could say anything and do anything. His psychopathy made it possible for him to tell a story over and over again that wasn't true without any guilt or shame until essentially it's like Humpty Dumpty. You keep pushing and pushing, and finally, we're seeing him start to go down. I really do see what they would call in psychology a decompensation over the last two months with Trump. He's lost his political instincts. He's lost his sense of what will play even for his base or certainly for anybody who's on the fringe of his base. So, I think Mary Trump is one more nail in the coffin."

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