Trump advisors futilely trying to get him to stop ranting about statues as his re-election prospects collapse: report

According to a report focusing on Donald Trump's rally at Mt. Rushmore on the evening before the 4th of July, advisors to the president are attempting to get him to start focusing on bread and butter issues that will get him re-elected instead of harping on statues being pulled down by protesters across the country.

As the Daily Beast report illustrates, their efforts appear to be futile based upon his Friday night speech.

With the president trying to fire up the crowd by insisting, “Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders. They think the American people are weak, and soft, and submissive,” the Beast reported that Trump, "decided to focus heavily Friday evening on protesters and Black Lives Matter activists who want various American monuments, including those honoring Confederate, white-supremacist, and slave-owning figures of history, torn down and destroyed for good. "

According to the report, several advisors to the president are trying to get the president to move beyond attacks that have nothing to do with presumptive presidential opponent Joe Biden who has raced by him in the polls.

White House sources speaking with the Beast explained that Trump's obsession with Confederate statues will do nothing to bring more voters to his side, with the report stating, "One of the sources said that they’d already told the president once before in recent days that making statue-defense a cornerstone of his re-election bid—with everything else going on—was a 'distraction,' and not the issue that would move and keep the necessary vote in his column, come the election in November."

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