Trump fumes he gets no credit for economy as advisor warns: 'It’s hard to see how Trump can get re-elected'
Donald Trump (AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

According to a report from the Daily Beast, Donald Trump is privately fuming that he is getting no credit for rising employment numbers as workers return after being furloughed and businesses begin to reopen after being shut down in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the past two job reports showing decreases in unemployment numbers, the president and his administration have been touting the bounceback at the same time that the country is still suffering with 11 percent unemployment and an estimated 25 million Americans still out of work.

According to the Beast, based on interviews with three White House insiders, the president is furious about the lack of plaudits and puts a large part of the blame on the media.

"He’s argued that if former Vice President Joe Biden were in the White House during the current moment, the media would be fawning over the strong job gains," the report states before adding, "Trump’s gone so far as to suggest that Democrats would want to build 'statues' honoring Biden, one of the sources said. Elsewhere, he’s griped about how the 'phony' polls conducted by independent organizations aren’t reflecting more voter enthusiasm about economic rejuvenation, another source recounted."

More concerning to White House officials is the fact that he is also not getting a bump in the polls as the economy improves -- something he had been counting on in his bid to be re-elected.

"Trump’s mounting frustrations underscore the degree to which he’s tied his personal political fortunes to the state of the economy. And they come as a major collision with Democrats over the economy’s future emerges on the horizon," the report states before adding that the president is at a crossroads over a new COVID-19 economic stimulus package that could help Democrats if they get what they want while he gets no credit for keeping the economy afloat.

According to one economic adviser close to the president, unless workers flood back to their jobs, he doesn't see a path to re-election.

“If our numbers are accurate, it’s hard to see how Trump can get re-elected with millions and millions of people unemployed,” conservative financial analyst Stephen Moore admitted.

The Beast report adds, "Some of the president’s top advisers working on his reelection effort have grown increasingly concerned that modest economic gains between now and the election in November simply won’t be enough to drag their candidate across the finish line to a second term," with two officials admitting "feeling nervous last month" when they saw the president poor polling numbers stay the same after 2.5 million Americans returned to work in May.

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