President Donald Trump often touts the enthusiasm of his supporters as a reason he will prevail in the 2020 presidential election.

However, the president isn't taking into account the fact that tens of millions of Americans also enthusiastically hate him.

In an analysis posted at FiveThirtyEight, University of California Irvine political science professor Michael Tesler notes that enthusiastic anti-Trump voters at the moment are more numerous than enthusiastic pro-Trump voters.

"While Biden voters may not be all that excited about voting for Biden, they’re very enthusiastic about voting against Trump," he writes. "And that gives Biden a pretty strong edge, because Trump supporters don’t despise Biden the way they despised Hillary Clinton in 2016."

He then points to recent survey data showing that more than 80 percent of Biden voters say they have a "very unfavorable" view of Trump, whereas just 54 percent of Trump voters feel the same way about Biden.

This contrast gets even more stark when looking at net number of people who find the candidates either very favorable or very unfavorable, Tesler explains.

"What’s especially notable here is that Biden’s net enthusiasm rating is near zero, which is similar to most major-party presidential candidates’ ratings from 1980 to 2012," he argues. "Trump’s current score of around -20, on the other hand, has only one historical comparison other than his own campaign four years ago: Hillary Clinton in 2016."