Trump is trying to trademark 'tele-rally' ahead of announcing his first 'tele-rally': report
President Donald Trump does an infomercial-style video in the White House Rose Garden (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump is desperate to host rallies and campaign events, but things haven't been going well. Now, Trump's company has filed an application to trademark the term "telerally" and "tellerallies." Three days after filing the application, Trump announced he would host "my first-ever TELE-rally."

According to the Washington Post, the application came from the Trump Organization, not the Trump campaign.

President Trump’s private company last week filed a trademark application that suggested it is starting a new line of business: organizing “telerallies” for political campaigns.

"That could mark a shift in the company’s business model," said the Post. "Since Trump took office, his business has been paid millions by political campaigns, including Trump’s own reelection effort. But it always remained one step away from politics itself: the company rented out ballrooms and office space to campaigns, but did not market itself as a political company or offer services related to rallies or reaching voters."

Eric Trump said in 2017 that he intended to stay out of politics, so the move is outside of what the younger Trump pledged.

"The trademark application suggests that has changed: by filing it, trademark experts said, the company is saying it intends to enter this business soon," the Post reported. But the application does not give much detail about the Trump Organization’s plans, or which customers it wants to serve."

Trump had tried to hold a rally recently in New Hampshire, but said that it was canceled due to "weather." He was mocked mercilessly, with people claiming that the reality was that Trump couldn't get a decent crowd to RSVP. If it was only due to the weather, it likely would have been rescheduled quickly and easily. That hasn't happened, however.

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