Trump is turning the GOP convention into a public health 'dumpster fire' to satisfy his ego: Columnist
Trump in Iowa (AFP)

On Monday, writing for New York Magazine, Ed Kilgore outlined the public health "dumpster fire" President Donald Trump is forcing on the nation with his demands of the Republican National Convention.

"The very hint of health restrictions on his plans in North Carolina led Trump to abruptly move at least some major convention events — notably his acceptance speech — from the original Charlotte site to Jacksonville, to the great frustration of Republican planners and fundraisers," wrote Kilgore. "Then, as COVID-19 surged in Florida, public-health concerns in the new host city began to exceed any of those expressed by officials in Charlotte" — and the GOP mayor there put new restrictions in place, prompting Trump officials to explore an outdoor venue that would get around them.

"For the very first time, Trump himself seems to be realizing he can’t just bully his way into the kind of celebration of himself he craves," wrote Kilgore. "A discouraging sign for the GOP is the experience of its Texas affiliate, whose plans to hold an in-person convention in another COVID-19 hot spot, Houston, have come to grief. First Houston officials, led by Mayor Sylvester Turner, withdrew permission for the Republicans to utilize the city-owned venue for their 6,000-person event." Even the GOP-controlled Texas Supreme Court has rejected the party's push to overturn that decision.

"Perhaps Trump can just deliver his acceptance speech from Mar-a-Lago with his hirelings whooping it up," concluded Kilgore.

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