US-born woman in Canada yells at Canadian girls to 'go back' where they came from
US Women Confronts Canadian Girls picking Berries (Screen Grab) 1

A confrontation in a Vancouver park was caught on video and has been circulating the internet, showing an elderly lady confront two woman for picking berries off trees.

Speaking to the Daily Hive, Elika Gholizadeh says the woman approached her and her friend and confronted them for having removed branches from trees, adding that she and her friend “genuinely were not aware that there was a bylaw in place against picking at the small branches and we would have understood the woman’s concern for the environment, had she not approached us in such a condescending and rude manner.”

As the confrontation continues, Gholizadeh took out her phone and began recording.

At one point, the woman tells the pair to "go back where you came from," to which the pair responds by calling the woman a "colonizer."

Pointing out that they were both born and raised in British Columbia, the pair then ask the woman where she’s from, to which the woman replies that she was originally born in the U.S.

Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart stated on social media that he “can’t believe” the woman “used the ‘go back to where you came from’ line," adding that “she conveyed her message incredibly badly, and when her buttons were pushed she included an extremely offensive comment.”

Watch the video below: