'Violence is the only card' Trump has left to play as his re-election prospects shrivel: conservative
Photo via AFP

Speaking with MSNBC "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough on Tuesday morning, conservative commentator and Bulwark founder Charlie Sykes said that Donald Trump is quickly running out of time and options to salvage his re-election campaign and all he has left to offer is fear and violence.

With polling showing the president is bleeding support among white voters in the suburbs, host Scarborough asked Sykes what the president can do to not only stop his slide in the polls, but actually win.

"There's not a lot of undecided voters in places like Wisconsin," Sykes began. "So the question is what is the level of intensity, how aggressive will Republicans be, the Trump campaign be mail-in back on mail in voting. They're all in on Pennsylvania, attacking the mail-in vote process."

"At this point, if you're losing like this, you can't run a 'Morning in America' campaign," he added, referencing a famous Ronald Reagan campaign slogan. "You can run a fear and division campaign and try to create as much chaos in the voting as you can."

"Looking at the same polls, I think the president is in a lot of trouble. I just hope the Democrats don't get complacent when I say be concerned about the violence, because the violence is about the only card he has to play here," he suggested. "But you are right, this is what is different about 2020. We have seen Donald Trump, we know Donald Trump, people have made up their mind about Donald Trump. I think this country has really come to the point, do they really want four more years of Donald Trump? I think the country is exhausted and I think the country is disgusted."

"Joe, one of the things that's clear," Sykes added. "There's not going to be a new tone, a pivot. This guy is not going to become somebody different between now and November and I think voters are increasingly recognizing that."

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