WATCH: Angry anti-maskers erupt in Idaho after county officials point out the science behind face coverings

A group of angry anti-maskers in Idaho angrily booed Southwest District Board of Health officials this week when they passed a resolution recommending -- but not mandating -- wearing face masks.

During the meeting, anti-mask activists would regularly erupt in protest whenever one of the health officials reciting evidence that wearing masks and practicing social distancing slowed the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Board member Tom Dale drew boos from the crowd simply for mentioning deploying contact tracing to keep track of hot spots where the virus had broken out.

Dale went on to describe a party he went to recently in which attendees were asked to wear face masks -- and this too drew grumblings from the crowd.

"It was a private party!" Dale told them. "It was their right to do that! Don't denigrate them for doing that!"

Another board member was booed simply for bringing up the fact that the spread of the disease dramatically slowed in New York after it shut down many businesses and implemented social distancing rules.

At the end of the meeting, all of the board members but one voted in favor of the mask recommendation -- and this too generated angry boos, with one many shouting, "I hope you all get voted out!"

Watch Idaho News 6's report on the meeting below, as well as a stream of the full meeting.