WATCH: Anti-masker shrieks in woman employee's face -- and meekly flees when male security guard backs her up
Smart & Final anti-masker (Twitter)

A man exploded in rage after a woman asked him to wear a mask in the store where she works, but then meekly walked away after a male security guard ordered him to leave.

The unidentified man was captured on video screaming into the woman's face as she asked him to put on a mask or leave, and a security guard first stood by quietly but then asked the man to leave when he put on the mask but did not cover his mouth or nose.

"Leave me alone!" the man bellowed, walking away from the woman. "Stop touching me! Don't touch me! Get away from me!"

The man puts on a paper mask from his pocket after the employee attempts to take away his cart and directs him to the exit, but the video shows him remove it as soon as the woman walks away -- and then the video cuts to another dispute between the shopper and worker.

"Let go of my f*cking cart," the man says, as the woman calmly asks him to put on a mask or leave. "No, let go of my f*cking cart."

He then leans toward the woman and screams directly into her face.

"Let go of my f*cking cart!" he shouts. "Get out of my f*cking face! Get the f*ck out of my face! Let go of my f*cking cart! Get the f*ck out of here!"

The woman explains she works at the store and has every right to stand where she is, and then a security guard who has been standing by approaches and tells the shopper to leave.

"Time to go," he says. "Outside, now."

The shopper calmly walks toward the security guard, who is a man, and tries to explain himself before apologizing and leaving as another man wearing a cowboy hat, a male employee and two more male security guards approach.

It's not clear where the video recorded incident took place, but the Twitter user who posted the video speculated it may have been a Smart & Final store after spotting its "club prices aren’t just for clubs" slogan on signage visible during the encounter.

The California-based retailer has required shoppers and employees to wear masks since April to slow the spread of coronavirus.