WATCH: CNN host temporarily speechless after Ohio sheriff says he won’t be the ‘mask police’

In a segment on CNN this Wednesday, Brianna Keiler interviewed Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County, Ohio, grilling him over his refusal to enforce his state's face mask mandate.

Keiler mentioned how asymptomatic coronavirus carriers can still spread the virus, to which Jones replied that the numerous studies and statements from health agencies are too confusing to enforce any one policy.

"I'm not trusting what you say -- I don't know you that well," Jones told Keiler. "Every week they change how you can catch this, how you can't -- first to wear a mask, then not to wear a mask, then it's a certain kind of mask ... people are confused, I'm confused. I wear a mask, but we shouldn't have our government demand that we wear a mask, that we can't work, that the economy's shut down ... when this is all over and the studies come out, there will be more people who have died from not being able to go to a hospital, without being able to get their medication -- this is my opinion."

Keiler pointed out that if more people wear masks, the economy will open up sooner after the spread of the virus has been stemmed, but Jones was unmoved.

"Sir, it sounds like you're just very confused about how this works and the facts about this," Keiler said, prompting Jones to fire back that he believes "you and the media are confused."

"I'm not going to be the mask police, period," Jones said, causing Keiler to be speechless for a few seconds.

Watch the full exchange in the video below: