WATCH: Enraged Trump fan shrieks profanity after seeing driver’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ display
Enraged Trump fan (Twitter)

A beefy white man launched into a profane tirade after encountering a driver who had written "Black Lives Matter" on the side of his vehicle.

The unidentified man pulls alongside a vehicle, and the message can be seen briefly in the reflection of the man's pickup, and he immediately starts screaming hateful rhetoric while the other driver records video.

"You traiting loser f*cking piece of sh*t," the man bellows. "Yeah, videotape me all day long."

The other driver appears unconcerned, and calmly asks what else the man has to say.

"Trump will win," the man yells, "and we're going to bring it back, motherf*cker. F*ck you! F*ck you, you f*cking no-brain p*ssy. F*ck you!"

The man drives away as the other driver laughs and asks if that's all he's got.