WATCH: Trump flips out after Fox's Chris Wallace tells him Joe Biden doesn't support defunding police

President Donald Trump interrupted an interview with Chris Wallace on Friday, after the Fox News host told him that former Vice President Joe Biden does not want to "defund" police departments.

The incident occurred as the two were discussing a rise in crime.

"It's because they want to defund the police -- and Biden wants to defund the police," Trump said.

"Sir, he does not," Wallace interjected.

"Look, he signed a charter with Bernie Sanders," Trump began.

"And it says nothing about defunding the police," Wallace insisted.

"Oh really? It says abolish. It says -- let's go. Get me the charter, please," Trump said, interrupting the interview.

Wallace said that Trump had an aide retrieve the charter in question. But the president failed to find language about defunding the police after reading through it.

Watch video below: