'A symbol of incels': Internet destroys Idaho man for standing near Air Force tribute with Nazi flag
Man holds Nazi flag in Idaho (Twitter/@AmberD1116)

An Idaho man found himself being mocked online over the weekend after he was pictured holding a Nazi flag near a park that honors the local Air Force base.

An image of the man was shared on social media by Twitter user @AmberD1116.

"In my town, across from the park that honors our local AFB, literally 10 minutes ago," the caption read.

The photo of the man went viral when Twitter users responded with scorn.

Many noted that the man would not have fit Adolf Hitler's vision of the so-called "master race."

"White supremacy is attractive to people like this who can’t get their self esteem anywhere else...the neo-nazi groups SPECIFICALLY target boys like this when they are in their teens," Amber explained in a subsequent posting.

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