‘An insult to voters’ intelligence’: Conservative slams Trump’s 2nd-term agenda as nothing more than ‘a magic wish list’
President Donald Trump. (AFP Photo)

Writing in the Washington Examiner this Monday, former House GOP candidate Quin Hillyer says that President Trump’s 49-point second-term “agenda” is a huge insult to the intelligence of his base.

"It’s not an agenda," Hillyer writes. "It’s a magic wish list. Trump might as well be promising voters he’ll sprinkle fairy dust on them to make them all princes and princesses."

Ultimately, the lack of specifics signifies that the GOP platform is simply a call for “supporting President Trump” and nothing else, according to Hillyer.

"Without a platform, the party becomes even more of a cult of personality, and Trump’s outlandish agenda promises make him even more like the Wizard of Oz, pledging things he cannot practically deliver while his Republican allies stand slack-jawed in ill-merited awe," Hillyer writes.

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