'An utter disgrace': Steve Schmidt slams Trump for his 'slurring' self-pitying Bedminster performance
Steve Schmidt (MSNBC)

Republican campaign consultant -- and ardent never-Trumper -- Steve Schmidt did not think much of Donald Trump's second press conference at his Bedminster golf course on Saturday, stating the president's "slurring" performance loaded down with self-pity was an "utter f*cking disgrace."

Following the president's signing of four executive orders before adoring members of his country club, Schmidt went off on a tweetstorm, ending with calling the president "the greatest failure in American History."

Schmidt started off by declaring, "I find it necessary to reach for the language and colorful colloquialisms of my native land, New Jersey, in order to express my feelings about today’s event in Bedminster. It was a f*cking travesty. Truly. An utter F*cking disgrace," before adding, "The President of the United States of America stood behind the Seal of his office framed by American flags and his private club’s membership slurring and raving about his victimization. His titanic self pity was only exceeded by his dishonesty and uncontrolled lying."

From there he was off with a litany of accusations about the president's multiple failures as the leader of the free world.

You can see the tweets below: