Anderson Cooper takes MyPillow CEO to the woodshed over COVID-19 remedy: 'You are a snake oil salesman'
Mike Lindell and Anderson Cooper appear on CNN (screen grab)

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell came out on the losing end of an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Tuesday.

Lindell appeared on CNN after pushing President Donald Trump to approve the supplement Oleandrin for use by COVID-19 patients.

Cooper compared Lindell to a "snake oil salesman" and accused him of telling "a complete lie" about the science behind Oleandrin.

"Why should the FDA be wasting time on something like this?" Cooper asked, noting that the U.S. military also determined that the substance was "a waste of time."

After Lindell claimed that he had seen a study proving the efficacy of Oleandrin, Cooper called him out.

"You got to see a study but you don't remember anything about it," Cooper said. "You don't remember who did it. You don't remember their control group."

"What do you think I'm on here for?" Lindell snapped back.

"To promote this," Cooper remarked. "Because you think that just by coming on and getting this name out there for this unproven thing, desperate people will get it."

Lindell objected but Cooper wouldn't let up: "You're a snake oil salesman telling people, take this product, you're desperate."

"Why are you attacking me?" Lindell complained.

"Because you are telling people who are desperate to take something that is unproven," Cooper pointed out. "You have no evidence to back it up. It's kind of morally bankrupt."

Watch a portion of the interview below.