Bishop falsely claims Joe Biden is not a Catholic — and it doesn't go well for him
Bishop Thomas J. Tobin (screengrab)

On Tuesday, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island attacked former Vice President Joe Biden's faith, claiming that he is not really a Catholic.

Biden is a lifelong, practicing Catholic, and he was also on the 2012 ticket, so Tobin's claim doesn't make any sense. But Tobin is an extreme right-wing firebrand with a history of politicizing the church — in 2007 he denied communion to former Rep. Patrick Kennedy for his pro-choice views, and in 2019 he called Gay Pride events "harmful for children" and demanded Catholics not attend them.

Tobin's attack on Biden's faith triggered a wave of outrage on social media — with many commenters reminding him that he claimed it was "outside his responsibility" to prevent child sex abuse in the church.