CNN’s Brianna Keilar explains why she battled Trump adviser: ‘You can’t just ignore BS -- you have to shovel it’

This Tuesday, CNN's Brianna Keilar got into a heated exchange with Trump campaign senior adviser Mercedes Schlapp, fact-checking her assertions that mail-in voting can lead to election fraud. This Wednesday, Keilar did a follow-up on the segment, saying that a coronavirus death in the U.S. is more than "2000-times likely to occur than a case of voter fraud in any type of election."

Keilar then addressed some criticism her network has received over its choice to interview Trump campaign officials when their struggles with the truth are well known.

"[Trump] is the sitting president running for reelection. He is one of two people who voters will choose to run the country," Keilar said, adding that she's thought a lot about critics' claims that CNN's coverage of Trump is "giving life to lies."

"I have to disagree," Keilar continued. "We have to challenge lies, we have to challenge falsehoods and conspiracy theories -- if you don't, they fester unchecked and unchallenged. You cannot just ignore BS, you've got to shovel it."

Watch the video below: