Conservative Peggy Noonan calls out the low-lights of Donald Trump's 'insane-a-thon' RNC convention
Kimberly Guilfoyle - RNC screenshot

According to longtime conservative columnist Peggy Noonan, the Republican National Convention was a mixed bag; at one moment sincerely reaching out to voters when "normal" people spoke only to go off the rails moments later and turn into an "insane-a-thon."

Writing a post-mortem on the RNC for the Wall Street Journal that concluded on Thursday night when Donald Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination and then gave a highly repetitive speech that went on for over an hour, Noonan explored what they RNC could have done without.

Beginning, "It was a real insane-a-thon. It was genuinely moving. It didn’t avoid big issues. It led with a lie. It was a success in that it will have pleased the base and done some degree of outreach to others," Noonan then ticked off some major problems for Republicans.

"I’m still recovering from Kimberly Guilfoyle’s screaming. It was like seeing Eva Peron in an extended manic episode running from balcony to balcony warning the descamisados to stay armed, the oligarchs are coming," she wrote before adding, "This was unfortunate because it was the first night and if Ms. Guilfoyle seemed insane, Republicans seemed insane."

The former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan was also critical of using the White House as a setting for the conclusion of the convention by saying it had never been done before -- and for good reason.

" Had it never been done because all previous presidents were unimaginative?" she suggested. "Why, no. It had never been done because they had some class. By tradition and long custom the two parties are political constructs that exist outside and apart from the peoples’ house. Maintaining the boundary protected that house’s standing as a place higher than politics to which all have recourse."

The columnist also took a pointed jab at the president giving speaking time to every one of his kids except teenager Barron, by writing, "Some speakers decried elitist-insider nepotism. Others introduced the Trump children," before adding, "We are not a third-rate banana republic but at the moment we’re imitating one."

Worst of all she wrote, the speakers attempted to both dismiss the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, while at the same time praising the president's leadership -- which has been the main cause of Donald Trump's collapse at the polls.

 "The president’s leadership in the coronavirus epidemic was lauded as timely and visionary. This is the big lie mentioned above," she wrote. "He denied the threat, lied with an almost pleasing abandon, especially about testing, and when forced to focus held bumbling daily briefings that only made things worse."

"It was a mistake to insist it was a success. That ship has sunk," she added.

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