Conservative trashes Trump's fear-mongering campaign to extend ‘our national political nightmare’
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Phoenix, photo by Gage Skidmore.

President Donald Trump has four nights this week in primetime to scare voters into giving him another four years.

The president's campaign insists the Republican National Convention will be upbeat and hopeful, but conservative Amanda Carpenter wrote for The Bulwark that Trump really has no other option than to inject more poison into the political bloodstream.

"Trump’s surrogates have said there will be 'surprises,' and positivity would certainly count as an unexpected change," Carpenter wrote. "But don’t expect much of it: What Trump is really pitching is a bonanza of political and medical disinformation designed to confirm the fears of his army of internet trolls, who already think he’s some kind of deep-state avenging superhero who is saving the world from a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, pedophiliacs who drink children’s blood."

Trump has tried -- and failed -- to scare voters into backing GOP candidates since his election in 2016, and Carpenter said he's going to try it again because he's really got no other option as the coronavirus continues to ravage American life and the economy.

"Aside from hawking miracle coronavirus cures and pretending the election is already rigged against him, Trump has only one play," Carpenter wrote. "He’s asking housewives who aren’t yet brainwashed by QAnon wellness influencers on Instagram to believe the suburbs will be pillaged and looted by a roving mob of Black Lives Matter socialists led by . . . Cory Booker."

Carpenter wonders how that will work on anyone but the president's true believers.

"Trump’s conspiracy-laden, fear-based campaign may very well be successful, just not in the way he expects," she wrote. "If all that voters see in the run-up to the November elections is more American carnage under the Trump presidency, they most likely will be scared right into the arms of Democrats. This time around, it’s Trump who is the boogeyman starring in our national political nightmare."