Cops called on Black ex-NFL player — after security guards allegedly refuse to let him into his new home

In a post to his Instagram account this Thursday, former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall can be seen arguing with a security detail outside the new home he was trying to move into -- a security detail who had just called the police on him because they allegedly didn't believe he belonged on the premises.


"It's Real!!! I was so disappointed in myself for getting so emotional with my kids in the car BUT then I realized that being numb isn't an option anymore," Marshall wrote in the caption of his video.

There's no information about what happened before and after the video was taken.

In a subsequent video, Marshall expanded on his thoughts regarding the incident.

"I've been watching and processing the same injustice and unrest as you all the last few months," he said. "We have experienced this pain our entire life. The awareness and conversations being started by protests are great, but it can't end there. I'm tired of talking that leads to nowhere. I'm calling on powerful networks to take a chance and showcase the most important message in our country right now."

"The path toward real change flows through the ballot box," he continued. "The power belongs in the people's hands. I'm not telling you to vote or who to vote for. I'm reminding you that you CAN vote. It is your RIGHT to have your voice heard."