'Devastating': Morning Joe panel stunned by depth of Trump criminality exposed in GOP Russia report

During a long "Morning Joe" panel discussion on the Russia report compiled by a GOP-led Senate committee released on Monday, the panel seemed stunned by how many members of Donald Trump's administration who were implicated in not only working with Russia, but also who lied to investigators about it.

With MSNBC legal analyst Ben Wittes calling the nearly thousand-page report "devastating" to Trump, co-host Joe Scarborough ticked off the crimes alleged in Senate investigators.

"They presented mountains of evidence that Donald Trump and his campaign worked with the Russians and were aided and abetted by the Russians, that it was an ongoing, aggressive attempt," Scarborough began before citing GOP lawmakers who are still defending the president.

"They did what idiots, useful idiots for Vladimir Putin have been doing now for several years, and that is clinging to the most lurid tales in the Steele dossier and said you didn't prove that, so the whole thing is a hoax," he stated. "Acting as if that one part of this investigation would somehow distract from the mountains and the mountains of damning evidence. And I just have to say it again, from the mountains and mountains of devastating evidence that Donald Trump lied to Robert Mueller, committed perjury under oath."

"I mean, he had time to think through it and still committed that," he said of the president's written responses to the special counsel's questions. "And then again, that you go through all of these people -- Trump's foreign policy adviser lied about contacts with Russia. His national security adviser lied about contacts with Russia. His campaign chairman lied about contacts with Russia. His deputy campaign chairman lied under oath, all of them under oath, about contacts with Russia. His personal lawyer lied about contacts with Russia under oath. His political consultant lied about contacts with Russia under oath. and his attorney general lied before Congress under oath."

"And of course -- and yesterday, Republicans concluded that the president of the United States lied under oath to federal investigators about his campaign's contacts with Russia," he concluded, "Boy, that's some [Russia] hoax."

Watch below: