Donald Trump is 'shooting the Republican Party in the foot' before the election: Morning Joe
Photo: AFP

According to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, Donald Trump boast that he will block funding to the Post Office to interfere with the November election handed Democrats a powerful weapon should the Republican party want to dispute the results if the president loses.

After Democratic National Committee head Tom Perez informed the "Morning Joe" host that the party has ongoing litigation already proceeding against Republican efforts to suppress voting, Scarborough said the president just handed them a gift.

"What a great point,' the MSNBC host exclaimed. "I've been reading this quote all morning. Judges are going to be hearing it from attorneys, and I guarantee you Republican lawyers know this. Donald Trump is making the Democratic Party's case for them in court on one election challenge after another by saying if we don't make a deal that means they don't get the money, that means they don't have universal mail-in voting."

"One more example of Donald Trump shooting the Republican Party in the foot," he continued. "Not only attacking an institution that vets, rural voters and senior citizens rely on and has a 90 percent approval rating, but also playing right into the Democratic Party's hands on any challenge of voter suppression."

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