Donald Trump's attacks on the US Post Office have blown up in his face in spectacular fashion: report

Donald Trump's attempts to curtail mail-in voting by having his Postmaster General interfere with U.S. Post Office operations is having the unintended effect of filling the coffers of Democratic candidates who will be on the ballot in November.

According to a report from the Daily Beast, at least one hundred Democrats currently running for office have used the uproar over postal interruptions in their emails to supporters designed to rake in contributions -- and it is working.

“It’s huge—every single client has been trying to capitalize on it,” explained one Democratic strategist before adding, “It’s rare you get an issue where every candidate, whether they’re a Blue Dog or very liberal, is so aligned on this.”

Responding to fears that the postal interference will cripple mail-in voting, Democratic donors are ponying up for to oust Republicans in 2020.

Central to voter concerns is the evidence that the mail is already lagging, with voters across both parties complaining about delayed deliveries of life-saving medications and other important packages.

According to Democratic strategist Jared Leopold, "I’ve sat in dozens of focus groups of swing voters, and they care about core competency of government. This is a great proof point of something that is apolitical that Trump has politicized and screwed up… It’s a reason why Democrats would go on offense about it.”

In a pitch to voters on Facebook, the campaign for Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV) claimed, "Donald Trump is moving to DEFUND the US Postal Service. We need leaders in Washington who are dedicated to protecting this critical institution. Will you chip in $20 to Steven’s campaign so he can keep fighting for the USPS?”

The Beast notes that not all emails are direct campaign solicitations over the Post Office, but still use the controversy to rile up constituents.

"The bulk of emails, however, open with a different kind of ask: urging the reader to sign a petition demonstrating their support for the Postal Service or to 'stand with' the lawmaker or candidate sending it. More often than not, someone who signs the petition is redirected to another page asking for money," the report states. "Even if they don’t give, the fact that they clicked through a solicitation email is priceless information for operatives who build and maintain a campaign’s email list, perhaps the most valuable asset in modern fundraising."

According to Michael Whitney who oversaw digital fundraising for Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential run, the Post Office controversy has been a godsend.

“This is one of those unique moments where everybody is talking about it… Everyone is affected by the Postal Service,” he explained. “In terms of how you know that you’re going to have something people are paying attention to, this is really a gimme in terms of knowing your audience is going to have heard about it, has an opinion about it, and is going to want to do something about it.”

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