Eric Trump whines about prosecutorial misconduct after facing fraud lawsuit from NY attorney general
Eric and Lara Trump -- Lara Trump Facebook page

President Donald Trump's son Eric was named in a civil case by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D-NY) for alleged fraud associated with the Trump Organization.

As part of the investigation, James will look into lies put on financial documents embellishing the size and worth of Trump's properties. James specifically asked the judge assigned to the case to demand Eric Trump comply with subpoenas for the company.

“Nothing will stop us from following the facts and the law, wherever they may lead. For months, the Trump organization has made baseless claims in an effort to shield evidence from a lawful investigation into its financial dealings,” James said.

Eric Trump tweeted Monday afternoon that he's under siege by liberals and alleged prosecutorial misconduct was behind the lawsuit about the properties.

"Without any basis, the NYAG has pledged to take my father down from the moment she ran for office," tweeted Eric Trump. "This is the highest level of prosecutorial misconduct - purposely dropped on the eve of the Republican Convention for political points. Sad that this is her focus as New York burns."

It's unclear what Trump means about New York burning, as there are no fires in the state. California wildfires have burned nearly 1 million acres, however.