Former 'pool boy' levels explosive allegations against Liberty University's Jerry Falwell Jr.

Giancarlo Granda, the man formerly employed as Jerry Falwell Jr.'s "pool boy," is leveling explosive allegations against the Liberty University president in a new interview with Reuters.

Specifically, Granda tells Reuters that Falwell Jr. willingly let him have sex with his wife Becki Falwell while he looked on.

"Becki and I developed an intimate relationship and Jerry enjoyed watching from the corner of the room," explains the 29-year-old Granda.

In an interview conducted with the conservative Washington Examiner over the weekend, Falwell Jr. acknowledged that his wife had an affair with Granda, but he denied knowing anything about it while it was happening, let alone participating in it.

The New York Times reported last year that the Falwells met Granda while staying at the Fontainebleau, a Florida luxury resort known for topless sunbathing and a massive underground nightclub.

They soon entered into a business relationship with Granda, who at the time was studying finance at Florida International University. The Falwells subsequently agreed to help Granda purchase an LGBT-friendly youth hostel in Florida that features pamphlets for strip clubs, as well as a sign that reads, “No Soliciting, Fundraising, Politics, Salesmen, Religion.”

However, a dispute between the Falwells and Granda over ownership of the hostel eventually caused their relationship to sour.

“By late 2015, the lawsuit over ownership of the hostel had devolved into a fight over compromising photos, according to several people involved in the case,” the Times reported. “It was understood that Mr. Granda... [was] in possession of photographs that could be used as leverage against the Falwells.”