Former Trump official hands Dems a roadmap to drive president 'bonkers' before the election
AFP photo of Donald Trump.

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, former White House communication shop head Anthony Scaramucci told an "AM Joy" panel that he and former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen have a knack for getting under the president's skin in such a way that takes him off message and can help cripple his campaign.

Speaking with host Zerlina Maxwell, Scaramucci was asked about the president's speech at the recently completed Republican National Convention and if his words are reflective of the way he thinks.

"The Republican convention was a trip because, you know, we know what's happening in the world and yet that's not what we saw this week at the convention," Maxwell began. "In terms of why that was the message, does Donald Trump really believe that he's doing a great job on COVID-19, even though there are 180,000 people dead? Does he not care that those people are dead? What's your take on why the message needed to be so positive in terms of what it said about his performance as president."

"Listen, let's take Tim [O'Brien's] comment about a reality distortion field and say that is a totally valid thing about the president," Scaramucci offered. "So what I have found is that there's a Michael Cohen axiom. When you hit him with crystal clear clarity and truth, and I was on a show the other night and I said you've got 180,000 dead, 200,000 to 300,000 dead by December, he has destroyed the economy, we've got 31 million people unemployed. He goes bonkers and starts firing tweets at you."

"Which, of course, he did, and I get an extra 50,000 Twitter followers," he added before continuing. "The point I'm making is that this is what we have to do to beat him. You have to fire at him with crystal clear clarity of what is going on. You can ask Tim O'Brien, Omarosa [Manigault], he will start to unspool like those old typewriter ribbons. We can do that but we have to hit him very hard right now."

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