Former US Attorney shocked by incoherence of Michael Flynn’s lawyer
Michael Flynn addresses the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Arena in 2016. (mark reinstein /

Former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade joined with former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal and law professor Jennifer Taub in live-tweeting retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's hearing trying to dismiss his case, despite his guilty pleas.

Flynn has asked to withdraw his plea and multiple confessions to lying to the FBI, while Attorney General Bill Barr has moved to drop the case. It isn't working out as the process has already gone so far that Flynn was to be sentenced after admitting guilt. Now an appeals court is hearing the case about dismissing everything.

McQuade noted that lawyer Sidney Powell is arguing for Michael Flynn. Powell appeared frequently on Fox News, has become known as a kind of MAGA lawyer, who frequently denounced special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. She pledged to a 2018 conference that Flynn's case would expose the so-called "deep state."

But according to McQuade, Powell is having a difficult time in court Tuesday morning.

"Her arguments are a word salad that might sound good to the Fox News crowd, but do not make a coherent legal argument," said McQuade.

Law colleagues Joyce White Vance and Glenn Kirschner agreed with the assessment.

"Ms. Powell just argued a defendant can bribe a prosecutor to dismiss his case and the judge, even being aware of the bribe, can do NOTHING to explore it but must just dismiss the case," said Kirschner. "Her argument is the rule REQUIRES the judge to be tacticly (sic) complicit in the bribery scheme!"

"The Flynn argument reduced to its essence: DOJ is afraid of what will come out if the judge inquires into the process that led it to dismiss charges against Flynn. This appeal is only about preventing that inquiry, as the Judge is highly likely to ultimately grant the motion," tweeted Vance.

Republican lawyer George Conway said she basically gave away any chance at a win.