GOP's Kelly Loeffler campaign appears to be coordinating with well-connected outside groups
Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) (Screen cap).

A newly formed super PAC appears to be linked to Sen. Kelly Loeffler's election campaign.

Georgia United Victory is chaired by Martha Zoller, a former aide to Gov. Brian Kemp, who appointed Loeffler to her Senate seat in December, and the super PAC has already spent $1.85 million on digital and television ads since it was formed less than two weeks ago, reported The Daily Beast.

The ads focus on attacking Loeffler's top Republican primary opponent, Rep. Doug Collins, who Zoller narrowly lost to in a 2012 GOP primary.

Zoller's participation, and the group's GUV acronym, has fueled speculation that Kemp is behind the super PAC, but The Daily Beast found ties to others with more direct involvement in Loeffler's campaign -- including a vendor who has taken in nearly 3/4 of all her campaign's spending since last year.

The GUV spending has coincided with other Loeffler campaign activity that appears to assist supportive super PACs, which is illegal to coordinate, although the Beast's investigation found no evidence of lawbreaking.

However, the investigation found Loeffler's political operation has spent big money in a highly strategic way to well-connected players in Georgia's GOP politics, and even uploaded 11 minutes of "b-roll" footage of the candidate on the campaign's YouTube page.

The campaign didn't respond to requests for comment or whether that footage was dropped online for use in campaign ads produced by those various independent backers.