'Grow up': Trump slammed by CNN analyst for whining about upcoming November election
Donald Trump (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

A CNN discussion on Donald Trump's continuing obsession with mail-in voting led one contributor to claim that he is sending signals that he knows he's going to lose and he is setting the stage for multiple attempts to set aside or contest the election results.

Then he told the president to "grow up."

After "New Day" host Victor Blackwell shared clips of the president claiming the election results wouldn't be reliable and we "might never know" who actually won the election, Blackwell set the stage for CNN analyst Errol Louis.

"So Errol, anything short of a clear win for the president -- and right now there's no poll that suggests that's in the cards -- how confident are you, or is that what you're expecting we'll see from the Trump campaign, piles of litigation?" the host asked.

"Well, I don't know about litigation so much, they've already started by the way they have begun litigation trying to halt or impede or distort the implementation of mail-in ballots but we'll see the president try to throw shade, no actual facts, on the election in part because he's behind," Louis replied. "He's really laying the groundwork for a possible defeat substantively speaking with mail-in and early voting and the ways we expand people to have their voices heard, it does take about a month leading up to and following election day to get the proper count."

"We'll have early voting that starts weeks before November 3rd, we'll have absentee ballots for servicemen overseas for example, takes a while to get here. that won't begin to be counted until after November 3rd," he explained. "Then you have to total it up, so the president needs to grow up. Those who care about having every vote counted should be prepared for what's going to be about a 30-day process before we know for sure what all of the ballots are telling us about the outcome."

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