Heat wave record 'obliterated' -- Phoenix hits 50 days in a row of 110 degree temperatures
Photo: Shutterstock

Scientists have warned that global climate change will increase the severity of heat waves, something meteorologists in Arizona appear to be documenting.

"Friday marked the 50th day to reach 110 degrees or higher in the Valley this year, setting a record nobody wanted. Before 2020, the previous record for most days in a calendar year to reach 110 degrees was 33 days set in 2011. Phoenix surpassed that on Aug. 9 and has beat it almost every day since then," the Arizona Republic reported Friday.

The newspaper interviewed National Weather Service meteorologist Matthew Hirsch.

"It's not like we barely broke this record," Hirsch said. "We sort of obliterated it."

The heat wave was caused by a persistent high pressure system and lack of rainfall.

"Essentially, we didn't get any relief from monsoon storms," Hirsch said.

Precipitation is in the forecast this weekend, with a flash flood watch to take effect at noon on Saturday.

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