If Trump can’t manage a pandemic, why is he still in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal?
President Donald Trump speaking at the annual NRA convention in 2019. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Writing for POLITICO this Friday, John Harris says that President Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic is indicative of of lack of fitness for office, and people are overlooking the fact that he has the unilateral authority to launch a nuclear bomb.

"With a power that is like that of all presidents since Truman -- but with a temper and temperament more volatile than any predecessor has put on public display -- Trump could decide late this evening that missiles are a better way to make a point than Twitter and they would be flying without delay," Harris writes.

In his memoir The Button, former Defense secretary under Bill Clinton, Bill Perry, writes that nuclear catastrophe was averted over the decades “more through good luck than good management.” Hopefully, Trump's unpredictable temperament doesn't end that run.

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