If Trump loses two more states it's 'ballgame over': AP reporter

Appearing on MSNBC's " Morning Joe," Associated Press White House correspondent Jonathan Lemire explained Donald Trump's chances of being re-elected have reached the point where, if he loses the electoral votes of one more, he will be out of luck and out of office.

Speaking with co-host Joe Scarborough, Lemire was asked where Trump stands in the battleground states he so desperately needs.

"Both campaigns agree that there are six battleground states to decide this election: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Florida," he began. "Now the president has to play defense and has had to spend resources and had to go the past week to places like Ohio, Texas -- Georgia is another one where he has to play defense. We don't see, outside of perhaps New Hampshire, a place where Democrats have to do the same now that the Trump campaign has ceded Michigan."

"So they can afford to lose one more ... they can lose Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, but they have to win the rest of them," he added. "If they lose two the ball game is over, they can't get 270 electoral votes. They are concerned about where they stand in some of the states. Arizona in particular has been a place of worry for the president's team of late. That's a state hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. It's not a coincidence that the president had the governor of Arizona here at the White House for an event last week where he talked about things getting better, played up how the federal government has stepped up for Arizona that was with an eye towards November. They can't win at all,  and there's no path to victory without Florida -- they're trailing there but feel reasonably confident about Florida and North Carolina too. but it's the states: Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where they know they're down and need to reverse fortunes as quickly."

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