Ivanka Trump is in for a big surprise if she thinks she'll be president one day: columnist
U.S. President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka hold a video conference call with Commander Peggy Whitson and Flight Engineer Jack Fischer of NASA on the International Space Station from the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., April 24, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

In her column for the Daily Beast, acerbic Donald Trump critic Molly Jong-Fast made note of Ivanka Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention and pointed out that, if the first daughter thinks it will be a stepping stone to someday becoming president too, she is in for a rude awakening.

In prose dripping with contempt, Jong-Fast labeled Ivanka nothing more than a "designer of plastic handbags" copied from competitors who only landed a job in the White House because she is Donald Trump's "favorite child," and that her accomplishments in government are vague at best.

The columnist began by noting that Ivanka was given a key spot in the four-night nationally televised convention, with the lesser Trump kids, Eric, Tiffany and Don Jr. ("all red-eyed and begging daddy for a hug" ) were relegated to other nights. That allowed the spotlight to fall on Ivanka as she delivered an "ambitious speech filled with flourishes and corporate doublespeak."

"It was a fancy speech filled with words, and ideas!" Jong-Fast wrote. "They were needless to say all lies, but they were polished lies: Heritage Foundation-style lies, not tacky Gateway Pundit-style lies like Junior uses. Ivanka is a sophisticated, Wall Street Journal opinion page liar and not a tacky New York Post-level liar."

Before getting to the speech itself Jong-Fast described what Ivanka has been doing for almost four years.

"There was her women’s global development and prosperity initiative, which even had a logo!" she sarcastically wrote. "And then there was Ivanka’s 'Try something new!', which I guess was inspired by Ivanka’s many jobs—model, sweatshop queen, scion of the family real estate business! And then there’s all the meetings Ivanka has with all the people, and all the talking! But Ivanka’s actual accomplishments are pretty sparse."

Turning to Thursday night's speech the columnist wrote, "She was excited to have her turn, quickly calling her billionaire gold toilet-using father 'the people’s president.' I mean, I don't know, who those people would be? President Xi? Vladimir Putin? There is a jubilant stupidity to the president’s daughter that makes Marie Antoinette look like Marie Curie. But hey, she’s charming!"

 After writing, "She tried to humanize her father the sociopath by talking about how much he loves his grandchildren and avowing that he really does, even though he’s never ever expressed it, feel bad for all the people he’s killed inadvertently through his incompetence. I mean we just have to take her word for it, right?" Jong-Fast claimed Ivanka's star-turn appeared to be orchestrated to further her political career as part of a Trump dynasty.

"Ivanka clearly believes that speech was the first of many on her meteoric rise to her rightful place as president. After all she designed plastic handbags—she should hold the highest office in the land," she wrote before pithily adding, " but sadly for Ivanka, and luckily for America, her father’s supporters are far too misogynist to ever elect her."

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