Kayleigh McEnany dodges question about COVID-19 in schools by claiming reporter didn’t ask at the right time
Yamiche Alcindor and Kayleigh McEnany appear at White House briefing (Fox News/screen grab)

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Tuesday refused to answer the question of a reporter who declined to talk over a colleague.

During her daily White House briefing, McEnany said that she would not answer Yamiche Alcindor's question about Israel's COVID-19 outbreak in schools because she did not ask it fast enough.

"Israel reopened schools, there was an outbreak, students got sick," Alcindor explained as McEnany repeatedly tried to recognize another reporter.

"I have called on you and you didn't ask your question," McEnany said.

Alcindor pointed out that she had paused before answering the question so another reporter could finish speaking.

"Do you not want to answer my question now that I was not being rude to another reporter?" Alcindor asked but McEnany refused to acknowledge her.

Minutes later, another journalist turned over their time to Alcindor.

Watch the video below.