Legal experts rip Trump for ‘fomenting deadly violence’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ with Kyle Rittenhouse defense
Composite image of Kyle Rittenhouse and Donald Trump (screengrabs)

President Donald Trump on Monday defended Kyle Rittenhouse, the Trump supporter charged with crossing state lines with an AR-style rifle and shooting three Black Lives Matter protesters, murdering two.

After being questioned about Rittenhouse, Trump stormed out of his White House briefing, which was panned for being "cray cray."

Former federal prosecutor Elie Honig blasted Trump's comments.

"Rittenhouse’s own defense lawyers couldn’t have scripted this any more perfectly to exactly fit what his eventual self-defense claim will be," he tweeted.

Constitutional law expert Laurence Tribe, who has taught at Harvard Law for 50-years and argued three-dozen cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, blasted Trump's comments.

"The president just spoke as though he were defense counsel for Kyle Rittenhouse, the AR-15-toting Trump fanboy who came from Illinois to shoot two unarmed people to death in Kenosha, Wisconsin a couple days ago. This president is fomenting deadly violence to please his base," Tribe posted.

But legal expert Elie Mystal of The Nation magazine also criticized media for coverage of Trump's "ethnic cleansing" of Black Americans.

"I see Trump had another press conference today where he actively incited violence against Black people and we're all incapable of accurately covering a President who wants to conduct ethnic cleansing to secure an election," Mystal posted.

Watch Trump's comments: