Lincoln Project nails Mike Pence's Christian hypocrisy in latest ad
HERSHEY, PENNSYLVANIA/USA DECEMBER 10, 2019: Vice-President Mike Pence appears during a rally Dec. 10, 2019, at Giant Center in Hershey, PA.

The Lincoln Project just posted a new ad that goes after Vice President Mike Pence hours before he addresses the Republican convention.

The ad cites the 7th Commandment, "thou shalt not commit adultery," which President Donald Trump has obviously ignored multiple times in his life.

"Is adultery no longer a big deal in Indiana and in America?" Pence asked on his radio show in 1997. It was less than 20 years later that Pence would gaze adoringly at the adulterer-in-chief. In that time, the Lincoln Project explained that Trump cheated on all three of his wives.

"I, for one, believe that the 7th Commandment, contained in the 10 Commandments, is still a big deal," Pence went on. "It's the most important promise you'll ever make. And holding people accountable to those promises and holding people accountable to respect the promises other people make, to me, what could possibly be a bigger deal."

See the ad below: