Mitch McConnell’s slavish devotion to Trump may finally prove his undoing: Columnist
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. (Screengrab)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has enabled President Donald Trump at every turn, but his slavish devotion may cost his leadership.

The Kentucky Republican faces a tough election fight back home, and McConnell has signaled to GOP senators they could "distance from Trump if necessary" as previously safe seats suddenly come into play, according to a new column from The Daily Beast's Molly Jong-Fast.

"It’s hard to imagine him doing so out of anything but the most dire necessity," Jong-Fast wrote. "All it took was 158,000 deaths and countless others whose health may never be the same."

The president's inability to get a handle on the crisis has sunk his own re-election chances and put McConnell's GOP majority in doubt, and Jong-Fast thinks it's about time the majority leader got his comeuppance.

"The cruel and bumbling moron in the White House couldn’t have inflicted so much damage on America without the steely support of the majority leader who kept him there and delivered a swift impeachment acquittal, despite his criming first with Russia (are you listening?), and then Ukraine," she wrote.

"McConnell used the Republican dark arts to screw Democrats over at every single point," Jong-Fast wrote, but now Trump's deepening unpopularity threatens to upend his life's work.

"Trump’s unpopularity, and McConnell’s complicity, have even forced Cocaine Mitch to pour millions into his own re-election bid for what may be a diminished return, as majority leader no longer, and I for one would love to see it," she wrote.