‘Morals of a rabid hamster’: GOP’s Jim Jordan slammed for ‘unhinged attack on our democratic elections’ at DeJoy hearing
Rep. Jim Jordan, photo by Gage Skidmore.

During a question and answer hearing with Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) tried to flip the script on Democrats regarding their accusations that President Trump is undermining the Postal Service in an effort to slow down mail-in voting, claiming that the actual conspiracy is being perpetuated by the Democrats.

"I think they know that on election night Trump's gonna win," Jordan said, adding that Democrats' strategy is to "keep counting."

"And they're willing to go after a guy like you (DeJoy) who has served our country, served his community, helps kids with their education, amazing record in business, they're willing to go after you, and you've been in the job 70 days and everything you've testified is nothing new -- same thing has been done by other postmaster generals -- yet they're coming after you, because that's how much they want to get this president," Jordan said.

As usual, Jordan's critics on Twitter pounced.